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Karen F. Mastrogiovanni, M.Div.

Senior Pastor

Audio sips from the waters of the Oasis by Pastor Karen…


A discussion of "End Times" (Eschatology), the coming end date of the Mayan Calendar, the Anti-Christ, the economy, war in the Middle East, Christ's coming, and "the signs of the times"... What does this all mean to us?  Or does it mean anything?  



…is a special message by our good friend Jeff Korsen from Colorado regarding our recent elections and prophetic insights as to what posture we in the Church world should take…

This is not the usual message, please have a listen! Click Here to Listen

Stepping_out_of_Our_Comfort_Zone_Seg.mp3 (Click on the sound graph to listen.) Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone “Sips from the waters of the  Oasis…are moments from  messages that I’ve shared and special messages from from our leadership. To listen the the entire message, feel free to browse the Store.” Conquering the Fear of Letting Go Conquering_the_Fear_of_Letting_Go_Seg.mp3 The_Dynamic_Process_of_Time_Seg.mp3 The Dynamic Process of Time

Principles of Creative Power

by Dr. John L. Mastrogiovanni, Shared October 12, 2015

Become the Change You Desire (Notes)

(Video below was part of PK’s message…  

Note: YouTube may advertise programs prior to video that we do not control or endorse.)

Dealing with Conflict (PowerPoint)

Notes from the waters of the Oasis by Leaders of the Oasis… To_What_End.mp3 Special Messages

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